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Our brand offers eye-catching fashion, accessories, home décor products, and art prints. All our goods are professionally printed on high-quality products in North America and Europe and exclusively feature original Recursia® brand designs . We hope you enjoy exploring our collections full of wearable, usable, and displayable art!

About Our Design Collections

At any given time we use around 30 Recursia® original art pieces as the base used to create the aesthetically diverse array of print design collections featured on our products. All Recursia art and print designs are derived either from original digital art and photographs by our artists and photographers, or material in the public domain. Each design collection page contains a brief description of where the pattern was derived or its inspiration. If you would like us to transform one of your images into a product bearing an incredible pattern, please email, bespoke@recursia.design. We hope you enjoy exploring our design collections and find something that will make your day! 

Featured Recursia Design Collection - "Jazzed Plaids"

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About Recursia Studios

Recursia Studios is the source of the eye-catching visual designs featured for sale on the clothing, home decor, accessories, gifts, and canvas prints offered in our marketplace: https://recursia.shop/.  In addition to sourcing the art and designs for our retail brand's marketplace, Recursia Studios offers marketing & licensing services. Further, depending on our present workload, Recursia Studios accepts bespoke commissions. Please contact us for more information regarding commissions. We strive to only produce world-class art and designs and thus can only accept a limited number of bespoke commissions at a time. Recursia Studios specializes in creating custom digital art guaranteed to turn heads, capture attention, and stir a reaction. 

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