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Q. How do you pronouce, "Recursia"?

Follows are the two valid pronunciations:

1. Ri-kUHR-zhuh

2. Ri-kUHR-Cee-ah

Here at Recursia we like to create art and designs that can be interpreted in different ways depending on how you are perceiving the piece. This principle is reflected in the pronunciation of Recursia. It is an, "I say potato, you say potato", kind of thing.

Q. Do you do custom designs or commissions?

Yes! Please visit our commisions and custom designs page or email for more information

Q. What makes Recursia art special?

Recursia's diverse array of unprecedented art is born from interdisciplinary approaches, counter-intuitive and unconventional production methods, unbridled creative and computational thinking, and applied the scientific understanding of human visual perception. All of the contributing artists of Recursia have a formal understanding of visual sensation and perception on a psychological and neurobiological level and we use this knowledge to produce displays that are generally accepted as aesthetically pleasing at the least to awe-inspiring at best.
One example of what makes Recursia art special can be found in the many artworks where we can transform a "base" image or pattern into an eye-catching, attention-holding visual display that operates on many scales. By many scales, we mean, If one were to view one of these artworks from a distance it would appear to be a beautiful, cohesive and complex motif, however, upon closer inspection, the viewer soon realizes that the motif is actually composed of the unmodified "base" image countlessly replicated. See what we were able to do with an image of the classic internet meme, "doge" in the next question.

Q. Can Recursia make art or products out of my dog(e)?

Q. How many planets can i buy??

We continuously try to add new planets to our list to ensure you a vast catalog of the highest quality extraterrestrial real estate in the Milkyway and beyond our local cluster group.  To answer your question directly - 108 planets are currently available, however, few are hospitable to those not wearing Recursia Clothes. We suggest browsing our collection of sweatshirts to keep you warm on those chilly cosmic nights.

Q. Is it legit?

Although there are more or less exactly 48 natural laws influencing this, that's mostly on you('re brain). But yeah, we are legit AF.

Q. Can I follow Recursia on social media?

Q. Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to look more like?

Has Anyone Really Been Far Even as Decided to Use Even Go Want to do Look More Like?

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Of course! Next question.


At Recursia, we have a proprietary suite of processes for creating one-of-a-kind art. Beyond that, we can't say much, but we can say that when our lead artist first started, he routinely overheated his computer creating his art! He had to get a custom-designed computer to handle the Recursia creative processes.


We are inspired by a broad range of things...
Here is a fairly inexhaustive list:
Abstract mathematics, neuroscience, philosophy, meditation, improvisational music to name just a few.

Q. Are you aware that "Recursia, Many-in-One", is a succubi variant of the Hellspawn which appears as the fifth boss encounter in the Hell Raised dungeon of the 2016 videogame, CryGaia?

We were informed of this after the formation of the company. We think it is pretty cool that our company shares the name of a secret boss in an obscure video game.
Recursia is also the name of an algothim which was published a few weeks after the formation of Recursia, LLC.
In Bulgarian, "Recursia" is also a conjugation of the word "recursion".